Am I the only one that down votes reviews for an app just because the review is from someone who's incompetent?

For example: major new release, so of course there's going to be bugs. Person 1 stars and bitches about how great the old version was.

Like ok you incompetent fuck, that's not at all how this shit works.

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    @ThatDude I also downvote any negative reviews for devRant. Saw one about "nerds" or some shit like that. Read the description dumb fuck and you'd know your ignorant ass wouldn't like the app. 😂😂

    (I've been stressed lately...it's being released atm 😂.)
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    @ThatDude For the most part, 95% of them are 4-5 star ratings from people that understand this process and everything. Every once in a while, you'll get a 1-2 star with a feature request.

    (Side mini rant, why the fuck 1 star an app just because it lacks a feature you think is great? Wouldn't emailing the creators be a bit more helpful and probably yield faster results. I mean, I don't know this for a fact, but I'm willing to bet @dfox and @trogus don't stalk the Google Play reviews 24/7 to notice feature request.)
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    @ThatDude People are just really fucking stupid. And it's not just with technology; my sister is a pharmacist and she'll rant to me like once a week on stupid some of her customers are. You'll tell them something 100 times and they still can't comprehend it.
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