Wow, just have to share a story:
A photographer friend of mine asked me to make a program for him to manage shootings and models etc. and since I'm still a cs student and have the time I agreed. To spice things up I decided to learn something new and voilà I used JavaScript (that I never used before) and HTML (which I only know a liiiitle bit) and some CSS (also little experience) and with Electron.js and the help of YouTube and Udemy I created 40% of the program today!
That's exactly what amazes me about programming... You can learn the basic skills in no time and create working things!
I <3 Programming

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    @ThatDude that's so true! Actually seeing what you made and knowing that it works
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    That's an incredible story! It's always exciting to see how programming can empower us to create amazing things. Your determination to learn new skills and take on a project like that is impressive. Speaking of creativity and capturing special moments, I hired wedding videographers in Miami from https://vanillabrides.com/wedding-v... . They have a knack for turning your wedding day into a beautiful cinematic experience that you can cherish forever. They have been using technology to make things more beautiful.
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