Q: As a programmer in devRant, which one do you choose? The small one, the middle one or the largest?
A: Fine, I choose the white one...

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    @Lahsen2016 yeah, it was the white one 😏
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    @xalez no, it's the clothes 😉
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    @hwwn clothist
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    Nobody cares
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    Psyduck, I choose you!
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    Well that escalated faster than a CEO’s helpdesk issue...
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    I also choose the girl 😊

    Or the grass.
    I haven't seen normal grass in years...
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    The one with shoes, i never seen a duck wearing a shoes before
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    @Ashkin Damn. That must be....scary. There's plenty of greenery where I live, at least right now. Actually, we have a small rice field right beside my house.
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    I choose the photographer
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    O choose the background blurry bush
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    I bet she takes more selfies than time to think independently, I will take the grass.
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    Damn those happy ducklings 😢
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    She's super pretty, but I won't get any dev done with her around.
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    Hello @World... Sorry couldn't resist :D
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    Hello @UncleBOB
    The only reason my username is World is for people to say Hello World and for me to reply back to them 😅
    So.... Its cool 😁
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    @World great idea.. Your name is one hell of a conversation starter!
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    @UncleBOB Haha yeah. Thank you, I guess 😅
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