The amount of stupidity, innocence, ignorance and indifference in the facial expression is just amazing!
There should be an emoji with this face.

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    the emoji needs to have an animation for the mouth drop though 😁
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    Look Morty, I'm a pickle!
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    Wait till you see Cup Rick 😂😂😂

    Ps. I Realized we had no talent using an actual pen so please excuse the art, it's the thought that counts hahaha
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    its not bad actually 👍 rick pretty close to the original art style
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    Morty! Err... I accidentally turned myself into a cup, Morty. I'm cup Rick!!!
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    Now people can fill me up with alcohol morty. Aall thebrrbhh time morty.. Its gonna be great.
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    He is listening to that godamnn fucking story from that retarded asshole, isn't it?
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