Out of here. @runfrodorun, @GodHatesMe, it's been a pleasure to meet you both. I sincerely hope you do well. But I feel like I'm mostly reading poorly written support tickets mixed with occasional very lame attempts to hit on girls and some very bad memes.

# poweroff

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    Your missing the good stuff 😞
    Someone’s algo needs a reset.
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    @C0D4 yeah lol, I’m not sure what they’re reading.

    Rants hitting on girls? I can’t remember seeing a single rant like that in days, or weeks... and that’s all you’re seeing? And support tickets? And I’m asking for reference. Maybe I miss them or something.
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    @runfrodorun that sounds like a perfectly reasonable rant for a developer to post. I’m really not sure the problem would be with that and I’ve maybe seen a handful of them in a week.

    When someone says that’s what they are “mostly reading,” then I think they should back it up with some kind of evidence otherwise I think they seem overly dramatic and annoying.

    And it sill baffles me when a so-called developer goes the route of making a vague and non-actionable complaint on an app where the developers take user feedback seriously. You would think a developer would try to offer something constructive, not something that’s a dramatic hyperbole.
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