One of the downsides of my job is that I do User Support at three levels...

Sometimes they can with a valid support request, and sometimes it can be a easy one, sometimes isn't.

But there are times when they came with an idiotic situation that (most of times) it can be avoided if they can read the fucking message that the application in question show to them.

In those times, I already knew the problem they have by the time they already finished to describe it... In the meanwhile my thoughts go down into a rabbit hole and forgot the whole point of the call 😂

Oh... Well, at least I can fake that I was passing inside a tunnel 😂

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    Tell him my senior would like to talk to you and change pitch of your voice and ask what's the problem.
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    @aitkotw I'm my own senior 😂

    My boss is also the boss of another department (his main department), and basically he left us to made our own decisions and I'm in charge to deliver him the good/bad news *ba dum tsss*

    But I guess that it could work in work hours 🤔
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    You gave me a nice idea, if any of my GUI applications will ever have to display an error message, I'll make that there will be no close buttons but a countdown for the amount of second that it takes to read that error message 😈
    This way I can make them loose the time that otherwise will be lost with me, for most of the common user mistakes
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    @thepra hey, that sounds great :P it's a good idea.
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