My teacher at school who taught me programming. We were taught Java.

You see, Java is not a beginner's language, most say. But the way she taught it, the examples, the analogy, the explanation; she made it so easy.

She made us execute our first Hello World program (using BlueJ) and proudly said, "you're all programmers now!", that was when fascination took me over. I remember​ that moment till today.

Also, unlike regular exams, the programming exams required extreme competency. Marks were split up for algorithm and syntax. There were also questions like find the error in this algorithm for this output. She would always surprise us at the exams!

I had several glorious moments in class by being the first to answer most of her questions. At 13, it was kind of a big deal for me.
(Okay, who am I kidding, it still is :-P)


It was mostly just self learning from there. I switched schools and then there was college. Attending classes in college was like going to the gym with fat trainers. Utterly useless :-/ It just made me appreciate her even more.

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    I am also going through this whole BlueJ thing right now... it's a bit weird coming from a "real IDE" like Eclipse (dont Hate me for that) to BlueJ which hasn't even an autocomplete.
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    @EaZyCode I don't think BlueJ even qualifies a full fledged IDE. Just some basic project explorer, editor and program building and executing capabilities I think.
    It was for us beginners to help us understand syntax and stuff.
    I used it like 10 years ago..
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    @kenogo couldn't agree more.
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    Java course at 13? That's so nice.
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    "Attending classes in college was like going to the gym with fat trainers" Sublime.
    It's so frustrating
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    @bkishan Bingo!

    I mean, I was. Not now.
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