Definitely my security teacher. He actually expected us to actively learn the stuff and put effort into our education. He guided us through malware analysis and reverse engineering, simplifying it without insulting us.

We had students who thought they knew everything and he corrected them. We had arrogant students he put in place.

He treated us like adults and expected us to act like adults.

That's the only class I enjoyed studying for, because he would tell us exactly what wasn't on the exams (it was an intro course, didn't need to know the math). There were no trick questions.

I told him about the shitty teacher and he helped me through that confidence block. He helped me realize I *can* make it through the workforce as a female in security because I will work my ass off to be the best I can be. He reminded me why I love computers and why I want to go into forensics.

He's been a great mentor and role model and hiring him is one of the few things my department did right.

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    This sounds great!
    I wish someone would teach me IT-Security like that as well.
    My weekly rant to this subject will follow but it's around 06:30 in the morning and I haven't had my first coffee jet...
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    Not to change the subject on the lovely story but..

    (I was #10k)
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    Nothing with "security" in my bachelor. Only in the master.
    : (

    Guess i have to learn that myself.
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    @badsector "that apparently gets you jobs". I really like that.

    Germany is a bit different, I mean bureaucratic so the "apparently" is emphasized.
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    @badsector I liked having someone to go to when I had questions. And I made some awesome friends. Only redeeming factors of uni
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    Sounds really awesome! Pretty like my IT security class - except I count to the dickheads that bring up many additional things 🤷‍♂️. The thing is that this guy actually likes to be confronted and becomes happy with it because he would be bored instead. Apart from everyone thinking he is a stupid asshole he actually is pretty smart, dedicated to politics and society, takes the whole thing serious and imo treats us with the right amount of challenge/provocation.
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