Awesome teacher number two: another Linux teacher!

Didn't have many classes from him but damn he could interact with the students!

He was very open (it just autocorrected that to porn O.o) minded, very passionate about Linux and new shitloads about security. You'd expect him to be like 50 as for his knowledge amounts but he was around 27 I think.

He could go into discussions with students on the windows vs Linux subject, made it look like they were winning and then completely burn them in just a few sentences.

I think he liked me a lot because we would talk all kinds of Linux stuff.

He'd also help people with windows sometimes but windows servers where a very fucking no-go for him.

Man, I miss that guy 😞

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    I mis him to
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    I hope I will also get teachers like this at University, he seems really cool

    You might want to do something about that porn autocorrect ;)
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    Also they had a firewall setup for the exams to monitor what we accessed/downloaded etc.

    Asked what teacher would be monitoring it and was hoping for some specific teachers.

    Then they told me it was gonna be him.

    Yup anyone trying to cheat was fucked from that moment.
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    @incognito I guess you know who I'm talking about :)
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    @linuxxx don't know if you noticed in that exam but I got kicked offline because I was connecting my vm (for Ubuntu server) to the internet (in order to download the required packages)

    Just to give an example on how deep his security and/or detection setup was
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    @incognito Damn xD. This one guy logged into his outlook and this teacher came in one minute later like '{student name}, what the fuck are you doing?'

    That was funny πŸ˜…
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    I recognized this rant as yours by your writing style in the first few sentences 😊
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    @irene yes πŸ˜‰
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    @irene Yup we used to be classmates! So just friends with some of the same hobbies now :)
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    ++ for the autocorrectπŸ˜‚
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