Time to start a new interview since these shitfucks will never send me email to hire me and apparently it doesnt fucking matter if i passed hr and technical interview

quite frankly im very unexcited, tired and annoyed of taking interviews. My full time job has became taking interviews and nothing happening afterswards ever

This bullshit is extremely annoying. If this keeps on going i will demand getting paid for taking an interview. You have a privilege of interviewing ME, the LORD, and then fuck with me by reject or ghost me? You shall pay for the damages of wasting my time. Fuck you

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    Lesson: don't stop applying until a contract is signed. And maybe not even then.
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    And if you pass the interview you need to do a take home assignment which is usually a simple boring project.
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    @jsframework9000 did that once and wasted 10 days of my life just so they could low ball me. Never ever accepting a project as a requirement to pass an interview. They can fuck ofd and suck my cum right off the bat
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