PSD - Predictive software development:
Software development process where one predicts the behavior of the shit code in the library and writes code to handle it accordingly so that the aforementioned shot code doesn't barf and take down the entire system with it

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    CPSD - Crude Predictive Software Development

    try {
    // code
    } catch (e) {
    console.log('I knew they could not be trusted.');
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    @olezhka Exception handling is well and good. But when hitting exception has physical and material implications, just handling it by logging it won't help.
    In my case, hitting an exception means, the entire process of QA in factory runs again which costs time and labour. If it fails again, them the unit is shipped back to us and goes through the "defect management process" involving more people and time. Needless to say we end up putting retries, guessing what might have made the test fail in the first place and altering other conditions and run the test again.
    The correct approach would be to get the library fixed. Bit when you have shitty third party vendors and challenging schedules, there isn't much you can do.
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