Stack Overflow is so overrated

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    As long as I get my solution, I don't mind.
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    I disagree, I think it povides a great, well designed space for questions and answers. The entire Stack exchange is really well organized and does what it does well, no more and no less.
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    @stimulate 90% of the questions are googleable, 90% of the people are unfriendly, 90% of the votes are downvotes and 90% of the comments are not even about the question...
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    I completely agree. Overall though their community is incredibly unfriendly. If you follow their guidelines.....but they do not know the ansawer then you get downvoted and treated like shit. I've had horrible experiences with them and I am not a beginner.
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    @wholl0p not my experience. Most questions are only googleable because they are on stackoverflow 😁 of course you could do the research and find it that way but SO is just faster
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    I don't really ask questions since the community is a bit harsh. Instead, I try to search for questions similar to mine.
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    The Stack Exchange sites are wonderful and pretty well-made. I love them.

    Their community, however.........
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    @Ashkin I blame the sites for the community. They decide to heavily reward negative behavior (downvoting, etc), so it's all one big contest of who can be the biggest douche.
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