Fellow ranter who ever posted about fakeupdate.net thank you so much for the entertainment, a colleague forgot to lock their computer and came back to a heart attack and we had a nice laugh

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    I'm so saving this link for the future. 😂
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    This is great! Thank you!
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    Pressing F12 on chrome I could see the code. Can I just say that the way they did this us fucking genius! They made the cursor transparent instead of just removing it entirely.
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    I'm so gonna play pranks now 😂😂
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    @None it's the near future I hope ;)
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    If only stress balls were still for 100 ++'s, it would have been a perfect birthday gift for me 😢
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    After 20 mins of staring at the update-progress, I just had to tell my colleague that it was fake...
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    @srganiga let's try this on someone 😂😂😂
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