after weeks of living on my own the inevitable occurred.

I forgot to eat.

it's so distracting to eat. When I'm focused on something I just want to get it done. but by the time I'm done it's way past eating time.

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    Eat when you get stuck with something. A break from the screen often yield a solution 😎
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    Did you mean "pasta eating time" ?
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    Don't eat every time though...I usually go to the loo... That is where most of my epiphanies occur 😂
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    @Drillan767 I'm not a native speaker of the language, but "way past something" is correct English right?
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    Yes but you missed a potential pun :'(
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    @Drillan767 I wasn't sure if it was a pun or sarcasm :(

    I guess that says more about me than you.
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    *feels* don't worry, I'm sarcastic enough with my own life, no need for me to bring it on this website :D
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    Wait till this happens:
    you don't want to sleep and get it done. But your body decides its a good time to sleep.
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    I often times forget to eat
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    Happens to be all the time. I forget to eat and sleep when working on a project...
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    Happen to me too, then when I'm really starving, I rush the kitchen to grab the first thing I can find, only to find out that their is no food left and it's 4am 😭
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    Used to happen to me but then controlled it and now the only meal I miss is dinner, as for breakfast and lunch I always pause but of course when food time gets closer, I pickup small tasks at work. But that doesn't apply at home as I face your problem and get focused on something big lol
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    Eating is overrated, if you are a normal adult, your body can go on without eating for several days or weeks and keep working at a relatively good performance.

    But that doesn't mean you have to 😂
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