Thought experiment time:

Imagine that this whole universe is a simulation created by a Group Of Developers (GOD).

- Who would make up this group?
- What kind of design patterns would they follow?
- What type of programming language would they use?
- What kind of bugs are there if any?
- How do they test?
- Assuming the use of quantum computing, what are the implications? Parallel simulations? All possibilities play out?
- Would the controller input be life?
- Who is AI and who are players?
- Has all time already been rendered?
- Do we respawn?
- What would the leaderboard look like?
- What kind of stats are tracked
- What are dreams, nightmares, lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, birth and death?
- How is memory stored, accessed and pruned?
- What kind of neural net is used and where?

etc etc, if you can think of any other interesting fire away

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    You mean you are not aware that this is a game?
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    Nerds...abandon such complexity and face their simple pathetic lives
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    @irene its philosophy, something where anything is possible and nothing is wrong except thinking that some things are impossible.
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    @irene yes its not needed to progress in knowledge or techniques, but it might make some people happy because of a complete other way of thinking. This other way of thinking can come to use to find new solutions for old problems. Since for both you have to think out of the box, forget about the old way of thinking and start from scratch.
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    @irene indeed but we can come up with ideas outside of that box. Maybe universe is a boardgame where each family can play with its own universe.
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    Mostly hacked together in Perl https://xkcd.com/224/
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    Who the hell turned off the anti-virus?
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