Found my first website... Ughh....

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    Geocities? I kid... :-)
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    Mine was on Angelfire, then geocities
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    I know that feeling...
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    Lol, screenshot? ;)
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    my first was a quick and dirty standard login / register form..

    lots of rounded corners, box shadow, transparency and deep purple.. ( yep am an early 90s / late 80s kid )
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    I feel total idiot but idk what are geocities and that other stuff.. Can somebody explain ? :D
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    Youngster ;)
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    It is not up and I deleted the folder, sry for no visual. It was really basic, funny thing is that at that time I taught that you can create complete website with just HTML, so I wanted to create browser game like Travian with just HTML :'D
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    Man, back then you didnt LIVE until you had the starry sky background, opening and closing cat eyes GIF, some text wrapped in a blink tag, and the X-Files MIDI file playing as the site loaded.

    Not to mention the hours spent looking for the perfect Geocities neighborhood that represented my unique personal style!
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