okk guys, from your request i stay here...

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    Don't be crestfallen ashishtikhile; from now on we will +1 every one of your comments and posts. We were not fast enough to lift the spirits of posters like "fuckthechinese"; and he, sadly, left the platform. This mistake will not be repeated:

    EVERY one of your comments and posts will receive a +1 from us.
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    that's a whole new level of "sad little twerp" - i applaud your awfulness.
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    Nooooo, god noo, nooooo, nooo, god nooo, nooooooooooooo
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    Kek, those don't even look like bots. Did you make 2 alts that you login manually and post from?
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    Guy creates alt accounts to tell himself what he wants us to tell him.

    What a sad life to live..

    I know you're an Indian so let me say this in Hindi.

    Tujhe split personality k saath saath split bakchodi disorder ho rkha hai. Bhadwa kahi ka.
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    I'm glad he has decided to stay, and glad that some of us here helped convince him!
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