What's the software/hardware/plugins that has become integrated part of your working structure?

Stuff that immediately gets includes on any machine you use and can't imagine working w/o?

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    For comfort of use it ought to be f.lux. I would not be surprised if my cornea built a hidden altar to the merciful god, saved me from so many headaches... literally

    Browser wise ublock origin. Afaik it is the only reliable adblock out there. Used to be adblock+ until they sold out themselves.

    Hardware? External hard drive. I've plenty of programs I keep due to being situational, from Adobe audition to atlas.ti (<3). It's an invaluable resource for storage, backups and working remotely.
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    firefox, eclipse, vscode, git
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    For windows - Everything from void tools. Fuck windows search.
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    Atom, git, flow.js, ESLint, Babel
    Also if it's a new Linux install, themes. Gnome shell theme, gtk theme, atom theme. I need my work environment to look good else it'll just bug me till I fix it
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    Git, vagrant, docker, virtualbox/vm ware, jetbrains ide/vscode, dropbox (no not as vcs ;)), f.lux, firefox, filezilla, nfs-kernel (for synced folders in a vm)
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