Atom to VSCode, should I do it? I'm assuming it is Linux friendly.

Need it to lint using am eslint config.

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    Using it on manjaro, works like a charm!
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    It works fine, I still prefer vscode over atom myself. Eslint has an extension, so no worries there
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    I have but one complaint about VSCode on Linux. Ever use the FTP-connect feature of the file manager to work on remote machines? Well, the integrated terminal in VSCode wants to open projects in specific directories that just... really clashes with that feature. Other than that, I advocate it entirely, and if you're working off a flash drive, github repo, or locally, this is a non-issue.
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    I should have been more clear, I am using Atom at the moment and thinking about trying it out.

    Glad to hear it works on Linux, and it supports ESLint.

    Is it significantly more lightweight? That is the thing that is drawing me away from Atom.
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    Do it!! Vs code may be written by ms but it sure doesn't feel like it it's so polished and clean fast basically everything Ms isn't... Haha
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    Do it!
    Best decision I have ever made!
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