which type are you ??

**Manager:** Hey, we've got a little hiccup in the production environment. I know it's Friday evening and you're probably daydreaming about pizza, but could you give it a peek?

**Type 1:** Man, this is like finding a needle in a haystack while wearing sunglasses at night. Might take me a few hours... or days. But hey, wish me luck and have an epic weekend!

**Type 2:** Eureka! Found the gremlin. It looks like XYZ person tried to be a bit too creative on commit number 2234324. Maybe they had too much caffeine? Anyway, could you have a chat with them? And oh, may your weekend be as smooth as a fresh jar of peanut butter.

**Type 3:** Detective mode activated! Found the sneaky bug. It was XYZ person's "masterpiece" in commit number 2234324. But fear not! I've put on my superhero cape and fixed it in commit number 345453345.

**Type 4:** This issue again? It's like a recurring bad dream about forgetting your pants! I've revamped the whole thing so we don't have to relive this nightmare. If someone tries to pull this off again, our CI/CD will roast them like a marshmallow over a campfire.

**Type 5:** Ta-da! Fixed the glitch, jazzed up the design, and sprinkled in some extra logging magic. Now, troubleshooting will be as easy as pie. Speaking of which, I've got time for a coffee and maybe a slice of pie before heading out. Cheers!
Type 6 **Gloomy**: Oh, the digital clouds have gathered again. This issue is like a never-ending rain on a Monday morning. I've peered into the abyss of our code, and it's... well, it's deep and dark. I'll need some time, a flashlight, and maybe a comforting blanket. If you don't hear from me in a few hours, send in a search party with some hot cocoa.

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    I thought this was gonna be good but it's just more chatgpt drivel.
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    You forgot us with long experience.
    Went home before 4:PM and are nowhere to be found.
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    way too nested to type anyone with
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    This post reminds me of that one time in Nam’ where we ran into Gerald naked and thrashing about around in the battlefield. He kept referencing “commit numbers” and saying “have a good weekend” while foaming at the mouth. Poor guy, I know his parents were once first-cousins to each other, and it seemed like the guy couldn’t stand all the tragedies of war. Then, A guy suddenly came out of nowhere and introduced himself as a demon incarnate and said he worked for Comcast, grabbed Gerald by the dick, and dragged him thru the dirt off into the sunset. Word is now he is working on some SaSS data service that will be obsolete before it is even complete.
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