So WPA2 has been broken.
That's quite a bad news coming so shortly after the BlueBourne vulnerability was discovered

Read more here if interested:

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    its a bad day for WiFi.
    now i need to pray my vendor releases an update
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    Thank you dude! I could probably find this on hackernews, but thanks for posting it for everyone on this network!
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    Time to use a VPN
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    @Mitch377 The weaknesses are in the Wi-Fi standard itself, and not in individual products or implementations.
    Source: link in the original post
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    This isn't good, especially if you can't do anything about security updates for your own shit. FUCK.
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    @StefanH no, it’s in the 4-way handshake when establishing the crypto between client and wireless transmitter.

    The good news is that this is a fault entirely fixable by patching clients. No need to lift and shift billions of transmitters.

    If your office/home setup supports it, now is probably a good time to enable Direct Access in your Windows-fleet, and similar always-on-VPN systems for other platforms, even phones.
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    @StefanH You could do an old computer/Raspberry Pi variant with open source software
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    @StefanH Bonus! It’s a cool project!
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    I don't understand the problem... the author clearly stated that his attack will not work if you stay near your WLAN network.

    *unplugs LAN cable*
    *sits next to router*
    *activates WLAN*
    *still feels safe*
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