Recruiter from last week told me she will contact me next week with further HR interviews

No contact for the whole week until right now


RECRUITER: Hello, colleagues from ShitStain company have provided feedback, and unfortunately, they won't be proceeding with the further process. They mentioned they need someone with more experience and asked me to thank you for your patience and interest. Personally, I've had only positive experiences from our conversation, so if a similar position opens up with another client in the future, I'll be free to reach out to you. I hope we have the opportunity to collaborate again.

ME: Thank you for the response. If me having 5+ years of experience is not enough for them, what exactly are they looking for? I'd like to know more about what they think I'm missing, and if it's indeed a gap, I'll work on improving that aspect.

RECRUITER: Your experience is certainly valuable to offer employers. However, for this position, they specifically need experience in Java, and they're looking for someone who has been focused on that technology for 5+ years. I believe new opportunities will arise soon that I can offer you if you're still interested in making a change. 😊



I JUST SAID i have 5+ years of experience and she rejects me because they need someone with 5+ years of experience????? (we're both talking about the same thing -- java)

Even if someone has 5+ years of experience THAT IS NOT ENOUGH? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME 96+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE?

Are you Fucking mental?

Am i being fucking gaslighted right now?

Can you fucking believe what kind of retards contact me?

NO ONE even gives a SHIT about the fact that i have a computer science degree from a VERY hard university?

My 5+ years of experience and 25+ years of school is worth between $0 and $500 ?????

I am disgusted

I am absolutely tired and exhausted from interviews

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    I am assuming you had an interview? If you ask the right questions you can tell if the experience claimed is not the experience you need. I could formulate quite a few questions for my current job to filter people out. It really depends upon if we are looking for a generalist (that can be trained), or a specialist. It sounds like they wanted a specialist with specific experience.
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    @Demolishun i literally focus only on java spring boot and aim to specialize in that. Thats exactly what they want in job description and still rejected me. Dont even want to proceed with HR interview with me. Mentally Sickening people
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    Never trust recruiters unless you absolutely have to. They truly are the scum of the earth.
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