For fucks sake, Amazon Prime has also decided that they are adding ads to their *paid subscription*. Because I guess paying them fucking monthly is not enough for them greedy fucks. It's not like they were loosing money either, the service had a slow but exponential growth ever since 2014 (slow in the sense that it was only hundreds of millions at first, but luckily it was tens of billions by 2022, poor amazon eh?) ... first fucking Netflix does this, and now these retarded fucks follow suit like little retarded ducklings with dollar signs for eyes. You can bet your fucking hats that the other services will jump on the adWagon soon too...

"you will own nothing and be happy".. yeah fuck you, you fucks. As if owning nothing wasn't bad enough, now that nothing comes with fucking ads on top FOR THE SAME FUCKING PRICE?!... And they have the audacity to fucking ask for *more* monthly money to get rid of the ads they oh so graciously provided?!

I don't even use fucking amazon prime, but what the actual fuck. This is *one* of the reasons I canceled my netflix sub. I'm not going to fucking support this behavior even if it doesn't affect me. But I guess some people keep showing netflix dicks into their gaping asses because they sure don't seem to be taking this bullshit back... And I assume even more people will keep sucking amazon dicks as if this was a-ok behavior.

god, shit like this really makes me angry...

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    I quit Netflix when they started pushing pedophilia shit. We will be canceling our prime membership as well. We got rid up Hulu a while back too. The entertainment industry is hemorrhaging money right now. I personally hope most of them fail. They have all gone to shit IMO.
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    I bet there will soon be a service, that will combine all these streaming services into a single package offered at a fixed price to users.

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    @ostream no no, don't get me wrong. It's not like I had trust in the *corporation*. I had some trust in the people. I mean looking at what game devs were able to do to make Unity change their pricing plans. Unfortunately the main demographic of streaming services are normies that don't really care about staring at an ad for 15 seconds every 2 minutes...

    I was planning to make my own home streaming service for a long time now and that netflix debacle was what finally pushed me into setting it up. Currently trying out jellyfin, running on a Rpi3B+ and it seems to work great as long as no or very little transcoding is involved (which is always if you're using the android and desktop app directly instead of the web interface). Though I'm currently looking into getting a more powerful arm based SBC for this. maybe the new Rpi5 but not sure yet
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