Okay I've commented on multiple people's post already but I've decided to write a rant on it.

GOD I hate C++. For our software architecture minor we have to develop a game with only C++ and SDL and it's been one big freaking nightmare.Where almost every freaking language I've worked with has a proper way to add third party libraries most of them in C++ don't even fucking work after spending half a day. I know a lot of you guys love programming in C++, but it's been the language I've been struggling the most with in four years of university. Unbelievable. Fuck it's freaking pointers and all it's bullshit.

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    @nik123 Thanks for giving my positive thoughts about it, haha. It's giving me so much stress, alongside with the shitty way of the visual studio compiler displays errors.
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    @infozero we also have to do one assessment where we can only use raw pointers and can't use std::string's haha.. *sobs*
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    Feel the pointer you must.
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