**Day 2 of glaring at the code.😩 The bits are collapsing in front of my eyes into bytes and the glaring dark theme of sublime engraves the code into my retinas. Is it day or is it night? I can no longer tell. Having scoured every corner of the internet and applying every fix I can find the bug persists... was I ever destined to program? For the doubt eclipses my hope of ever seeing the light. I peer over the edge of the world into the abyss and the abyss... **

"Wait 🔎, shouldn't there be apostrophes' in here? MOTHERF-" 😡😠💥☠



*glee* 😄

"God, I love programming!" 😃

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    In my defence, in the meantime I've fixed dozen different issues, I'm still learning and it was using vba of all things, which I had to learn from ground up.
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    I really like your writing style
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    @balte thanks 😅
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    You should write a book like that! I would read it.
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