Non dev friend: Do you know “hatamal”?

Me: wtf is hatamal?

Non dev friend: hatamal. Spelled as HTML.

Me: T.T

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    *cringes into orbit*
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    Cries in japanese
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    @Faraaz ahahaha xD
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    Wow, that’s painful bro. 😂
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    You should ask him if he can see some eses.

    See eses...
    Get it?

    I... I will show myself out...
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    Happy hatamal to all indians
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    As hatamal sounds in German like "hat er mal", which is translated something like "He did once" I was really confused before reading the end and thinking "no, this could not be the meaning ..." ;)
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    @ebroda in Bengali this translates to Market's Stuff
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    Immediate upvote after read 'hatamal' 😂😂😂
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    Ask them if they pronounce 'PHP' as 'fup'.
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    I learned on DevRant that SVG is "savage", so why not hatamal?

    Although IMO "Hate' em all" would be a better match.
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    Clearly "dev" friend is the wrong term to describe this person.
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