So I was rejected by the management today for promotion to Senior 2 although I have done several major feature developments + infra design and basically end to end ownership.

Reason for no promotion? That's the best fucking part, according to the feedback, the work I performed on the service I created is well-designed,
and the code quality is commendable. However, they pointed out a notable difference in code quality between the micro-service
I built and the rest of the project developed by others. This, apparently, suggests that I lack a strong sense of ownership over the broader product.

First of all, we have super tight deadlines (almost 996), and I burned midnight oil to make sure the service I am in-charge of is designed really well.
Also, how in the flying fuck the other how the inability of others to maintain good code quality elsewhere in the product is being used as evidence against my sense of ownership
and initiative in ensuring high engineering quality for the repository I wasn't even working on

What a delusional management, the entire feedback feels like just an excuse to fuck off, we are not promoting you...
May be instead of doing actual engineering work, I should have just do minimal work and write more design docs / technical artifacts

It is very demoralizing after I worked hard for so many months, product went out really well.. yet when performance review comes, rejected with a petty reason

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    They don’t want to pay you what you are worth. Duh.
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    They made you think you could get a promotion just to get you to work harder. Then they made up some stupid reason to deny you. That's why I don't believe in promotions. You want more money, you switch jobs.
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    $work gives me exclusively tiny features and bugfix tickets, but no large projects that require architecting. When I asked why, they told me it’s because I take my projects too seriously and build them too well. (Like, how is that a bad thing?)

    It still doesn’t make sense to me. But then again they celebrate people releasing bugs on production, as it’s “a measure of productivity.” We all quite literally have a quota of prod bugs to hit every year, and I never even come close. So in context their reasoning makes sense: they are kind of insane.

    Perhaps the same is true of your managers? Or perhaps it’s because they want you to just keep chasing that carrot.
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    @Root More bugs equals more productivity? What kind of company do you work for? Do they also measure productivity in lines of code?
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    @jsframework9000 It’s a woke Cali company (fintech). Need I say more?
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    @Root A fintech company? I thought those were extra careful with bugs. Sounds like the perfect env for me BTW, I introduce bugs all the time but I don't live in the US unfortunately
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    @jsframework9000 They love DEI and actively try to hire “the economically unfortunate” from “less fortunate countries” (their words) — so they’d be happy to see your bugs. I really don’t recommend it, though. But they will pay you Cali wages regardless of your country.

    Let me tell you, the people working remotely from India fucking love it.
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