Got into my morning bus. Bus starts driving and suddenly stops and starts going backwards.

Everybody looking at each other like what the fuck is happening.

He drives straight back (backwards) to the bus stop to let some more people in!

Everyone laughing.

Fucking genius hahaha.

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    Wow, never saw something like that happen with german bus drivers..
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    Why am I having a feeling everyone thought they were getting kidnapped 😨
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    That's the real MVP!

    Most bus drivers in Germany are like :"ah you want in? Screw you!"
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    That was nice of him. I've seen the wire ferry drivers do the same thing in my country. Thumbs up to niceness :)
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    @plusgut or tramps q.q those fuckers always drive away when i get there.
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    I have never seen something like this in Germany
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    One time in germany a bus driver actually waited for me when I was about 100 meters away. I ran to catch the bus and when I got there he said, you just could have stood there and I'd pick you up.

    I actually never tried that out!
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    @justwellbrock How did he know you wanted to get on that bus?
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    @TerriToniAX because I was looking straight onto his eyes with a sight like "Don't fucking dare you!"
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    I once ran to the bus stop because the bus was slightly ahead of me, the driver closed the door in my face. I ran alongside the bus to the next stop which is very close and managed to pretty much keep up with him and again he closed the door for me (not completely in my face as I fell a little bit behind, but still close)...
    I wasn't even surprised.... That's fucking croatia for you...
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    @ThoughtfulDev That's pretty much the same as in Denmark. Problem is, if they actually did back up or wait beyond the time they were supposed to leave, the driver will most likely get fired.
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