Stop rounding the corners of content!!!!! Round corners are meant for buttons!!!! Not my fucking video!!!!

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    But what are you missing from the cropped corners?
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    Many CRT TVs had rounded corners in the frame.
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    @electrineer congrats. I’m the one who destroyed your nice score btw :)
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    Devrant’s avatar content has the maximum possible amount of rounded off corners and nobody cares!
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    @Lensflare not sure if there's no corner of it's one continuous corner 🤔
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    So… we won’t talk about OP’s fucking video?
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    @Lensflare I must say it was a bit underwhelming. 15 seconds of foreplay, 30 seconds of fucking and indeed some things could be lost in a bezel.
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    well, it's okay for vertical videos - because it means: there's less total VVS than there would be with regular corners.
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    I like rounded corners

    Rounded corner screen, rounded corner laptop, rounded corner window

    It’s pleasant to look at

    Supposedly there’s a quote by Steve Jobs himself (might be wildly wrong on that) that pointy corners don’t really exist in nature, and that pointy things generally signify danger, so they make things psychologically “scary” in a subtle way
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