The current state of apple

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    Also, this
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    So if you need a practical laptop, then don't buy a Macbook.
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    "So easy you won't believe it"
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    He stickered a cd drive ?

    Don't know if it's genius or poop
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    The new macbook pro !(the only device you'll ever need)
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    Hey! Can I borrow your DONGLE?
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    @IamGay6969 ur username says otherwise
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    how to English a lesson by @Marv
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    @Marv @jusjoin happy people also enjoy 69 all day long
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    Here’s a use case where a MBP with USBC makes 100% sense (and this is exactly my use case):

    - You need a laptop with high performance because it is your only computer
    - you need a ridiculously good battery life because you’re away from home for >8hrs at a time and don’t want to have to charge constantly
    - You have a heavy backpack already and don’t want a heavy or bulky laptop
    - but you can’t stand <15” laptops
    - you need a computer that won’t be fucked up by not treating it nice (I am prone to dropping my backpack probably a bad idea)
    - You do not need to connect to USB or Ethernet or anything like that almost ever outside of your home.
    - at home, you have like 20 different “things that plug into your computer” anyways so it’s not like having an adapter matters
    - You like *nix but don’t want to use Linux because a lot of games aren’t supported on Linux and restarting every time I want to game makes me angry
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    @Condor dude... USB C is for: charging, power output to charge external devices like mobiles, data transfer (much faster than USB 3.1), video output, even desktop graphic cards can work over USB C as it is fast enough.

    What else do you need?
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    @AngryDev So much this.
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    @Condor give it 2-3 years. Did everybody started using CD instead of VHS when they came out right away?
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    @afrometal As always, we'll see. It has a better shot than Thunderbolt. To become universal is a tall order, especially when its not backwards compatible.
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    @Condor you say about networking. So what do you need to connect? Internet? Wi-Fi. Screen? There are actually wireless ones already, and you only connect that at home/work. Dongle can be left on the desk, and them Bum! one port, one cable to the laptop and everything ia connected, as the dongle has all the necessary cables connected to it. On the go? Wireless headphones, Wi-Fi, wireless mouse. I don't see a need for more than 2 USB C ports in my laptop. One for power, one for dongle with screens on desk, or for single desktop output.
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    @theuser Thunderball kinda sticked in as a mini displayport. But Apple allowed it to be uses for more than video, which was nice.
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    @Condor who said about wireless dongle? I said everything that does not require port can be used wirelessly, and external drives or displays can stay connected to the dongle, that is left on the desk, and which you plug into the laptop when you use it at home/work on given desk. With a cable. Single one. USB C to be more specific, one that can serve power, video output and data transfer at the same time through one port.
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    @wolt hey man, he needs to burn some limp bizkit CDs for his 98 carolla.
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    It's a underutilized usb hub on an older MacBook pro. With CD drive and external drive.

    First off, shy do you need a hub if you are plugging in only one device. Second, who uses CD anymore. Third, just keep the external drive on the side when in need like a sane person.

    I do realise that all usb-C ports is a bit "ahead of its time" since devices still ship with type A and micro B (and even Mini B) combinations. But honestly how many times do you use those ports? I prefer keeping an USB C-A dongle or hub instead of fighting with HP or ACER laptops. Now if they removed the headphone jack from the laptops, that would be a different story. I was mad apple (and others) removed the ethernet jack but I realised I don't use that much these days on laptop. Now if apple included the dongles, is love that.
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    @flag0 Thing is, I get what you're saying about not using ethernet all that much, so its not a big deal. This is however something I would say as a tradeoff for a lower price. If these fucking devices are so expensive, then why not have an ethernet port, SD-card or a couple of extra USB-ports?

    It makes absolutely no sense to me that you pay more money for less flexibility and practicality. That's why I won't buy an iPhone or any high end android devices.
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    @theuser my biggest gripe is that Apple doesn't bundle a couple of type C-A and Ethernet and maybe Type C to HDMI/DP. Most people can live without using Ethernet but for now type C-A are a must have if not required. Same with an SDCard reader for content Creators. I understand pushing for type c but what about your current devices. These dongles are what should be included at the price
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