This shit happend when I tried to print devRant logo Key fob. The printhead totally scratched the tape of the buildplate. Luckily the printbead itself was fine. :/

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    PM : When will it be ready, all devRanters are waiting for it. You've got 2 days finish it ASAP. 😬
    Nah, just show us the final, we will be happy 👍🏻
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    Nice idea!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
    I will try to print it too!!!
    Maybe doing a keyring...
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    Anyway... Why to you have tape on the build plate?? :/
    I use a little mirror, or alluminium plate
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    @mngr The painters tape helps to stick the buidl to the bed. And the build is easier to remove afterwards. Hairspray on a glassbed is also nice. Very sticky.

    Didn't you think of the increased height due to the tape, OP?
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    @pollux-chris I usually print with the tape on the printbead and the last print before that was a very nice one with nearly no issues. So I thought that I wouldn't have to relevel it.
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    @rc5-asdf The line on the metall plate was luckily just sticky stuff/parts of the tape and could be easily scraped of.
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    @rc5-asdf yeah, its the a8. Maybe the srews that hold the printbead down got loose while printing
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