How would you guys feel if your favorite app gave you 3 monetization options.

Crypto Mining at max 70% load
Giving you 100% privacy.

Ads, rip privacy, rip cpu.

Paid content /micro transactions
Rip wallet , some privacy concerns, happy cpu.


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    I prefer to pay for stuff.

    If it's an app, a demo would be fine. Especially mobile apps have a tendency to be of really low quality, do i am hesitant to buy stuff without trying it first.
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    This option however allows users to choose after a trial.

    And allows the app to be open to as many people as possible.

    By apps I mean all applications.
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    at 70%? damm! the smartphone battery would die instantly and if some other app would do the same the phone would become unusable.
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    True , so disable it on mobile devices ?

    Or just adjusts when it mines and at what load.

    I.e give it permission to run for intervals while charging at close to maximum capacity and at low temp.
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    Personally I hate ads and in-app purchases, and would definitely hate mining.
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    And who likes those shitty videoadds for other games?
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