One of my coworkers just had a baby, so he left work today and won't be back for a month or more.

We (accidentally) took the client's website down for 3 hours, messed up our git repo and when we finally fixed both things, I had to spend the rest of the day editing fucking vector graphics (which I had never done before and completely suck at).

I never realized how much work this guy does or how important he is until now.

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    He is like those things that we never appreciate until they're gone -- Freedom, electricity, toilet paper.
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    Wait what ... A guy had a baby?
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    Down side to being that guy, you do a lot of unthankful work.
    Benefit of being that guy, everyone else stresses when they work out how much work you do.
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    @catintroholic don't underestimate a sysadmin
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    Had a baby and she's back in a month? Mothers get a 2 year leave when they have baby where I live. One month is nothing, nearly not enough time
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    @Froot Read again.
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    lucky you @Froot, here where I live a man has one day off by law in case of child birth. that nearly is not sufficient for the whole birth process at all
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    @ocab19 in my team everybody is able to do others work. but we worked hard on that achievement... need a lot of know how transfers and good review processes, but it really pays off when somebody is away from work
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    @catintroholic yeah we are also part of the process
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    @J4s0n I thought "to have a baby" means to actually "carry out the baby" and that's not usually the guy's part, but maybe I'm wrong
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    @pollux-chris @2erXre5 Ah right. I saw a mention of having a baby and instantly assumed it's a woman 😄 My bad
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    In Germany it means to get a baby. And both get parents so both get the baby while the women gives birth. (they say :"we get a baby"). But I think that's different in every culture.
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    @catintroholic ok, bad phrasing on my part. How would you say it?
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    @ocab19 hmm I don't know, it was just the first thought that came to my mind like 'baby' 'guy' 'huh?' then I scrambled it together and wrote a comment 😂 it's actually pretty clear that the guy is not the one having the baby
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