I finally heard a retarded question on a job interview. I thought they were just jokes.. I was wrong!
What kind of a question is "how would your friends describe you?"..
They'd say I'm fucking awesome, did you expect a different answer?
Or when I gave them a referral, my previous boss, and they asked me what would he say about me.. well fuck me sideways, I have no idea.

And one of the last ones, "tell us your three top qualities that would make us hire you". What kind of information does such a question even give them? Are they testing me how well I can lie? Because I can't, and others that can lie will give a better answer, regardless of the reality.

And they were even taking notes after these questions.

Other than that, nice company. I really want to start working there soon.

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    Bad interviewers always amuse me.
    They're so easy to lead and sway.
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    Voight-kampff test :D hahah
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    @shivayl you can usually tell if they're skilled interviewers or crappy ones.

    The skilled ones can glean quite a bit of information from everything: how you sit, your attire, glances, mannerisms, when you're comfortable and when you're not, your choice of words, answering speed (canned/prepared vs not), plus your actual answers. (Though those don't mean very much.)

    The bad ones? They're like puppies eagerly showing off their list of questions. Easy to lead and excite.
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    Did you apply for a job as fictional story teller?

    Would explain the questions, just saying 😋
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    @shivayl I understand all that but it doesn't make it less retarded. My posture means nothing. If my answers aren't unique that doesn't mean I'm a bad engineer either.

    My last interview went like this.. a guy have us a coding challenge and observed how we handled it. Then we talked about our solutions and we got hired for that. Not for what my verbal skills are. I don't develop software by speaking softly to the compiler.
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