My landlord has a workspace below my room, and he had to install wifi for his workspace yesterday. except he couldn't, so he asked me. which I guess is fine, he made very polite request so I figured: might as well.

so I go down, and it's one of these typical isp boxes. I connect my laptop and start messing around with ifconfig and ip route listing. I wouldn't normally even use ip route, but I've been doing a project involving multiple networks. Anyway, I switch networks a few times (my own network is obviously up and running) so I can google for router passwords. by the time I'm finished with everything my landlord thanks me, and goes on about "how he is always impressed by how people can just type into keyboards and things start working"

in reality, all I did was connect his cable to DSL when he had connected it to PSTDN himself.

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    "What's your iguana's name?"
    > Harry
    "... Harry?"
    > yeah, as in "Yer a lizard, Harry!"

    It's 2:22am and I'm cracking up over this

    It's 2:45am and I'm still cracking up over this
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    @Ashkin :DDD it’s 2.41 pm here and I’m enjoying it as well
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    @Condor no he didn't, but we also didn't agree on it in advance. am I too good for this world?
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    @Condor haha wow what a dick head.
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    why is it impossible to see and frightfully cold?

    You're a blizzard Harry
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