How many of you guys have an actual development life cycle at work (documenting every step, officially closing out of design, implementation, testing, etc)?

My place has a pretty stringent cycle. It is usually useful, but can occasionally just feel like paper pushing. It seems, though, that a lot of devs on here just sit down and start typing until someone says stop?

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    development lif 😂 😂

    I almost got it out without choking.
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    Well we are supposed to document a brief change log in the tickets. This does happen. But know one reads it. Our documentation is "read the code 😂"
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    @Xilo used to work at a small company that had large e-commerce clients. Some of the PCI requirements seemed impossible for a small shop to comply with.
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    @Xilo I'm in a very similar boat. My company used to be, essential, a garage shop. But it has grown and was bought by a larger company in the field not too long ago. We now are compliant with an industry standard, and have to be ready for an audit at any time.

    It definitely changed the way things work around here from what I've heard. Luckily, it's not as frustrating for me as it is for others as I came after the switch was made...so it's just the way it is in my mind.
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