Just me, or does anyone else abandon the pcmag site because of this?

Changed to lowest cookie setting but takes ages to change throughout their network. Bye bye!

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    I don't get why people are afraid that companies know what they would like to read. Dammit I prefer that Google would show me ads about things I like rather than ads on diapers
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    I mean no disrespect by the way.
    It's just my opinion and I understand that you and others see it differently
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    @MatanRad it's good that they give you a choice but when that choice takes +30 seconds to update, I'm outta there!
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    Yeah I think by using a site you agree to the usage of cookies (which it should tell you about). It's fairly hard to prevent cookies from being dropped, because some ads themselves contain third party scripts that drop cookies. IMO it's not reasonable to expect site owners to refrain from using cookies, and potentially losing advertising revenue. Most sites are not a charity. And there are external options which help you block them.
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