Question for you desktop guys. I was thinking of making a desktop app with a GUI as a side project. It's mostly going to be business-like CRUD, no fancy stuff. I was thinking of using electron (since I'm a web developer) but I read that it's slow and bloated. On the other hand I would like learning something new. I don't want to spend too much time on the GUI so I would prefer a framework/language that already has some nice open source gui packs available. I have only ever used JavaFX before for a tutorial, is that a good choice? Also, I would like it to work on both linux and windows.

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    slow and bloated? ah, so that's why vscode and atom are so popular. because they are built on top of something slow. and bloated. I guess we should those all go back to writing everything in c.

    in all seriousness, you can create some real nice stuff in JavaFX.
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    @balte Thanks, I was skeptical of that too. And I was thinking that electron is pretty new, so even if it's a bit slow compared to native apps now, it will be improved in the future.
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    I’ve experimented with electron and I’ll admit it’s freaking awesome how quick it is to turn into a working desktop app. Just don’t look into the endless modules folder and you’ll be alright.

    As @balte said, vs code and atom are built on top of electron, I also use Insomnia (a rest client alternative to postman) and it’s solid as gold.
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    @C0D4 I was thinking of using electron as an opportunity to learn react/angular/vue. Maybe I'll whip up some prototypes both with java and electron and compare them.
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    Electron is awesome imo!
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    python has also some gui libs... if you are interested in python ;)
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    @Bitwise Yep, I really liked the netbeans wysiwig. C++ is a bit overkill for what I'm thinking.
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    @GodHatesMe I want to support linux too🙂
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    @sssssss13 I like python but after some quick research the gui libraries looked old fashioned.
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    I do desktop and embedded. I recommend C# or another .net language. It's just easy, as long as you are fine with learning c#. It's got amazing packages and great libraries you'll probably like it.

    Electron is cool too. I use great apps in electron. However IMHO it's a hack the web guys like. It's a (relative) waste of resources compared to a native app.

    I love c & c++ alot (my profession is embedded devices) but do yourself a favor and don't do GUI in it. The libraries though powerful are old and clunky. Alternatively you write your own GUI toolkit but I can tell you from experience that takes alot of time and is trickier than expected.

    That's my thoughts
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