Objective-C syntax is more readable than Swift.

The verbose naming conversations feel natural in Objective-C, but in Swift they look rather nasty to me.

Also Swift syntax feels inconsistent in many parts of the language, which forces you to memorize when you can and when you can't use a certain feature (i.e where, case).

Am I the only one that thinks Objective-C looks a lot cleaner than Swift code?

Note: This is an opinion, not trying to start a war. Just curious if I'm alone on this.

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    @Torbuntu I use them at work. Personally I prefer to use either C++ or Haskell.
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    My second favorite language is Swift and the language I hate most is Objective C.
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    @just-basic-user how come?
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    Finally....and here I was thinking that I was the only one that dislikes Swift and prefer obj c. For some reason I cannot get used to Swift.
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    @AleCx04 Swift feels strangely inconsistent to me. Everything just feels off and I don't know why.
    Glad I'm not alone on this! :D
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    I really enjoy Swift, going to try out Obj-C soon. I'd definitely say, though, that Obj-C looks a bit confusing at a first glance... Hopefully I'm wrong!
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    @xico Objective-C looks scary, but that's just because it is so different from other languages! Once you understand the basics and get over the tiny quirks it really is a great language! :D enjoy it!
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    @IamGoD ahah thanks, really looking forward to trying it out :D
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