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    It's literally two extra bytes. Not a big deal
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    Is swift turning into the new php?
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    @DeveloperACE Isn't typing those extra characters a waste of time (=money)?
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    Wait - how can I upvote if there's no ++ ...?
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    Swift 1 was great. Now what the hell? Who the fuck thought of these changes? Even worse is the '_ ' before parameters in functions, why? What was wrong before? Where's the real for loop gone? I despise using .. or ...
    fuck you apple. You're losing all you non-retarded customers. You don't even have pro machines anymore, just fancy expensive netbooks. I hate to see a good language go to down the drain, it's like watch an alcoholic
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    @DeveloperACE You're looking at it as data. But in actuality, it requires a full release of the shift key, a hand movement to the 1, and then a keypress of the 1. Its very frustrating.
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    There's reasons and good ones too. Swift 3 is amazing, however, Apple acts like it's fully working languages when it's more like in beta. The fucking thing changes in every few months and breaks everything.
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    Cause apple sucks, thats why
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    I hate working with apple languages and APIs clanging every month, i fear to start xcode on projects that was not active for a few months.
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    @searchindex ssshhh with the hate to PHP please
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    @aviv is not hate, just rant ;)
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    That is beauty
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    Got the same error 2 days ago 😅
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    @aviv eeew PHP
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    @grublle nah. No reasons are good enough.
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    No language is free of these improvements and updates. The last time I looked java 1.8 was at patch 111. We have to keep moving forward - accept it or move on to some other profession. Swift 3 is a joy to work with and I bet the engineers at Apple, Microsoft, Google etc know a lot more about software development than the vast majority of us.
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    @codeblue i think it's more about making things easier for your users, just like with any other app. Just that in this case the users are other developers. They need to look at things from the perspective of those who use swift.
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    You can always check why a change was made, their GitHub includes all info, as for ++ here is why:

    I personallywant it back
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    @gitpush yeah, I've read it before posting. Now I'm used to it.
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    I'm not convinsed with what I read, especially the part: These operators increase the burden to learn Swift as a first programming language 

    I my self wasn't able to learn Swift if they were still there ... Oh wait, Swift 1 had them and didn't find issues learning that thing 🙄
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    @gitpush that flavor of bullshit being served is exotic... It's further proof that to Apple the definition of an update is to remove working features without regard to the actual users
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    @phantom-254 true, although Swift is getting better but that is one of the things that is just not right. No major improvements here just something like: hey our language is so cool it doesn't use old fashion stuff!
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    @searchindex maybe turning into python?
    because php has ++ operator.
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