I think maybe I am doing something wrong.

I have this node.js application I am building with typescript and I wrote tests in mocha. Now I need to make some changes which break quite a few tests.

When I run mocha on the command line the errors whizz past. When I worked in java and .net (with junit and nunit) you could just click a test in the ide to run it. So you could 'fix' one test at a time. Also you could just double click on a fail and it would jump you to the code for that test or the exception that failed.

I found this extension for visual studio code that adds a sidebar to visual studio code. It looked good but now I spent the last hour trying to get it to run typescript tests - looks like it doesn't support the compilers argument.

Surely other developers must do this sort of stuff. I am not using an obscure technology stack right? Do you write automated tests for your codebase? What tools do you use? Should I switch ide? switch testing frameworks?

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    Idk how obscure typescript is. I only found out about it a couple of months ago. Seems new to me, but maybe im just clueless :P
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