@dfox I just got billed *again* for an order I placed the other day for a duck and three capes.

I've been billed 33 usd twice...Please explain

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    Like @Artemix said, this is something you should contact them personally about, not post on their social platform
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    Like others have said, this isn’t the place to contact us.

    Also, I think you’re wrong. We got a message form PayPal this morning saying you marked it as “unauthorized activity.”

    We simply captured the payment, as we do with all our orders. You shouldn’t have been charged anything until the payment was captured.

    Not sure what happened there, but I’ve never seen that before.
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    Also, why would you mark a transaction as unauthorized without even contacting us?

    And I don’t even think it’s possible to bill twice, that can’t even happen with a PayPal purchase as far as I know.
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    @dfox then why do I have two transactions from PayPal made by Hexical Labs on my bank statement? One on the 28/10/2017 for $51.25 and one on the 1/11/2017 for $51.40nzd

    One of those transactions is unauthorized from someone/somewhere.
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    @JsonC11 because the first one is probably the authorization. We don’t charge people right away. We wait until we’re almost ready to ship and then we capture the payment.

    If you contacted us through the correct means I would send you a screenshot of the transaction list from PayPal (clearly showing one authorization, one charge, and then the hold you put on it from your dispute, and then the refund I issued directly after), but I’m not going to post your information on a public thread. We’ve processed hundreds of orders in the same matter and have never had a duplicate charge.

    If there actually is an issue, we’re very responsive but need to figure out stuff like this over email, again, unless you’re OK with me posting screenshots that contain personal info here.
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    @dfox yup, I received a txt at 2am this morning stating my order was cancelled/refunded so thank you for that. My PayPal account says +33.80 in the transaction history, but my local countries bank account still has two withdrawls.

    I will be contacting my bank *again* in half an hour to see why that is.

    I'm sorry for posting this and making it public. It's really frustrating when trying to contact both my bank and PayPal and they don't respond straight away. That is why I posted it here. You are very active in the community and I felt safer asking you then waiting days from other providers.

    And no, I would prefer it you didn't post the screen shot if it contains my personal information
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    @JsonC11 no problem.

    My guess is your bank just has an unclear method for displaying authorizations and doesn’t make clear that they are just an authorization. That’s definitely an issue they should clear up if that’s the case.

    On our end, both Shopify and PayPal give us no functionality to charge someone twice even if we wanted to. That’s how authorizations work, you can’t ever change more than the initial authorization was for, Shopify/PayPal make sure of that.
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    Apologies @dfox and devRant. It was my bank that deducted it twice.

    Thanks again for acting so quickly. Sorry again for not emailing you first
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