There are two type of people

1. Use programming as a source to gain stress

2. Use programming as a source to
remove stress

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    I'd say the latter is rather replacing current stress with other stress
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    4. Using programming to reduce stress but ultimately causing more stress in the future
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    Since when programming removes stress? It only does that in my personal projects but never in real world
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    Type 0

    The people that actually start counting from the first number
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    5. People who use it as an excuse for not getting other work done.
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    I swing between both.....
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    Don’t you mean there’s 1 kind of people? 😏

    Sorry, I’ll show myself out now...
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    5. Use stress to access programs
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    Combine the two types and you get a stack.
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    Definitely replaces stress
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    type 6: starting with type 2, but ending up with type 1
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    Coding is quite relaxing.
    Talking code with my bosses is not.
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