Raising kids is like using Windows. You know what you want him to do, the kid knows what you want him to do,... But he still decides to do whatever HE wants.

The frustration level is the same

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    I legit laughed. Have my updoot.
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    raising kids is like using windows.

    no self-respecting human being would do it by choice.
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    And by the time that you realize that it was a mistake, it’s already too late.
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    You do it because everyone else is doing it and the social pressure is overwhelming.
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    It’s as if kids are people, with their own ideas and personality. Too many people bring them into the world with the weirdest expectations, then complain about this person that didn’t ask to be born not being grateful about it. Most parents I’ve met are selfish pricks, I’m so happy mine are wonderful people.

    Yo bro remember that thing I did for you, that you didn’t ask for? Yeah I know, I’m a great guy. I fully expect you to become a doctor and take care of me aight?
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    Bill gates eats children
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    @ars1 I feel like you're trying to confront me implying that I do not account for my kid's personality.

    But I do. And the kid is a 6yo. And if it's needed to brush his teeth before bed, then it's needed to brush teeth instead of looking for creative ways to break the scales again.

    I know some people who had amazingly good relationships with their parents. I agree that parenting style and listening into a kid is one part of the coin. But another side of the same coin is the kid's built-in character. My 6yo had a tough character since he was born. And my youngest has a cardinally different personality. Like day and night. We, as parents, can shape it to some point, but not much w/o causing personality cracks or breaks. And IMO that participates a lot in what that child's relationship with its parents (and everyone else for that matter) will be.
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    @ars1 that "take care for me sight" is not really true anymore in certain western countries. Government fixed it. So we don't take children anymore.

    Also, loser people think the world is too broken to put a child on. It's the best time ever
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    @netikras I didn’t mean it to be specifically you, since I don’t really know the details. The phrasing was just so similar to a kind of behavior that I see quite often. Sorry if it came across that way.
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    Don't forget the constant whining:
    Can I have a Microsoft account please?
    I want to m permission to collect your datas. I want your datas. I need data wheeeh wheeeh . (Does it anyway)
    We need office buy office now.
    Play edgy with me papa... Play edgy with me! (Opens up link in it anyway)
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    @ostream what are preppers?
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