I have this math teacher and, wow, is she good at math. And, wow, should she never enter another field in her life. Today she asked us if anyone does code. The answer is yes, but I refuse to answer something that uses code as a verb.

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    Math people tends to know a little bit of programming(Data analyst or Data scientist, Statisticians) so they may know something about that.
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    @rui725 My calculus professor mentions coding a few times. I always wanna ask if he knows any. I'm sure the two other CS majors would be interested.
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    @jhh2450 mayve he was talking about time complexities in term of log n and stuff :)
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    @rui725 It honestly probably was dealing with logs. We talked about them frequently. Too bad I'm going to fail because exams stress me and make me sick. 🙃
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    English is a living language, and I'll fucking verb nouns all I fucking want.
    I code all day, come at me!
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    @jhh2450 it is stressful
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    Fuck dude, talk about being pedantic.
    If you understood what she said, whats the big fucking deal? Learn to communicate, its the biggest skill after programming you need to have or you'll never get or hold a job.

    @iam13islucky I laughed too fucking hard at that.
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