Ok so I am writing this in random and I am sorry if you don't want to see this stuff on devrant, but here goes:

I can't say my R's. They come our sounding kinda like U's, just me kinda saying "Uh". Air is "Ai-uh". Has anyone else suffered from this? If so, hoe did you solve it? This is "Uh"-eally both"uh"ing me. Thanks

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    Place your lips in an "O" position and try to pronounce "R" while your tongue moves up, without touching the top, if that makes sense.
    If you still can't pronounce it, use W instead of R. Some people find this easier. So instead of saying rabbit, simply say wabbit.
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    you don't have to be rude, hoe i didn't solve it
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    can't help here unless you want to sound like a https://nl.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/...

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