When you want to do some important work on your pc and turn on your pc and get the message...

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    I actually love when that happens at the office... I can just go to the kitchen and think about all the awesome things I'm gonna buy when I'm rich because I invented the next facebook or some shit like that...
    Then if my manager shows up and asks wtf am I doing looking like a fucking idiot I can just say "fuck you motherfucker, windows is updating."
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    Yup, it is very irritating. I am still waiting for start of pc @codePolitics
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    @ravii your posted this comment 17 minutes after the rant. Either your pc is shit and you should upgrade, especially get a SSD or you're installing the creators update.
    Normal updates should not last 17 minutes.
    It states rebooting 'several times', pretty confident that this is the creators update
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    @Kimmax *Fall Creators
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    Happened yesterday. I was going to do homework and that update came up.
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    Yup, it is creater update@filthyranter
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    It is very annoying when your important work is pending and window is still updating still.... updating@Michelle
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    However, I don't get why people don't just disable automatic updates and auto-restarts for updates.
    gpedit.msc → There you go.
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