If you move the mouse-cursor to the top-right-most corner on Windows 10, a Win32 program and a UWP app when maximised, highlight and respond to the red-close button

An application made with Windows App SDK, does not. //tested with SDKv1.4, not overriding windows-made title bar
Probably coz of their window-margins with Msft's new found love of rounded corners.

Never thought Windows would be this blatantly horrible. Everything past 2020s Windows 10 has gone downhill. I wonder which top-guy left that lead to this downfall.

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    Who the fuck uses windows in (soon) 2024. Ever since i switched to imac i never looked back
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    @b2plane people like me who are forced to have Windows in their work PC 😥.
    To compensate for this, on my personal PC I dual-boot 2 Linux distros.
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    @dontbeevil yep, Nadella is pure numbers-guy
    He'd make Bill Gates open an OnlyFans if that drives up MSFT shares

    @b2plane I'd hang myself before I make mac my primary machine
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    @cafecortado at least it aint mac 🫡
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    Yep, I get the resize cursor lmao. That's pretty crap
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    I dont like linux, I dont like windows, I dont like mac.

    Just randomly floating between linux and windows depending on time of the day.

    It's so annoying W7 is EOL, latest windows i didnt had any real problems with it.
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    It's understandable to feel frustrated when encountering unexpected behavior in software, especially when it https://1v1lolonline.io affects usability. However, software development is complex, and issues like these can arise due to various factors, including changes in design principles, updates to operating systems, and differences in programming frameworks.
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