I was looking at internships online for my previous studies.
I fill in my cv, look at a couple postings, 1 click apply to 5 of them, within 5 minutes I get a call "When can you come over to our office?"
Made an appointment for the next week on Monday, got there late because health problems, apologized profusely, did a 15 minutes interview.
15 minutes after the interview, I get a call asking when I can start.

After that internship, I got a part-time position, after a year I had to do a new internship, did it at the same company, and after the second one I got a new part-time job.

Still there 2 years after that first internship.

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    Why are you doing Internship without getting converted as full-time? Are you too young to join as full-time legally?
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    @github I was doing the internship at 32 hours per week as I still had to go to school 1 day a week, and after the internship I just found 8 hours a week where I could work while still going to school.
    Finished the studies in July this year and started a new one, so I still work part-time
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    @FMashiro oh. That makes sense to me now. Since your studies are over, I hope you get converted as full-time this time. 👍
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    @github I finished my studies and have now started more advanced studies :P another 4 years before full-time I guess
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    @FMashiro cool. Higher studies. Awesome. Even I wanted to pursue higher studies but studying abroad is out of my pocket now.
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