100 applications did not do the job. 1 night out did...

After approximately 3 months of endless applications, interviews and rejections i was feeling depressed. One of those nights i went drinking and ended up in a club at 3am...i was tired. I wanted to leave. My gf wanted to stay and tried hard to convince me. As part of that effort, she introduced me to a guy who she claimed to have similar interests with me.....

....4 hours later...I got the job. I am now writing this story from my office...

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    But so... You met the guy at 3qm and had the job by 7am? Did you guys discuss the position all night? Did you run home, have a nap and run to the office by 7am? Why would you even be in the office that early?

    The timeline on this one doesn't add up 😄
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    @Froot ur logic is most certainly on point!
    Developer confirmed 😎😎🤔🤔
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    @Froot maybe they both left the club ~330, rested up, and then went to work...

    Or there were a few days of paperwork hell and its a condensed timeline like a tv show...
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    I knew this was gonna be good.
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    @Froot greekDev did not say explicitly that this was the night before he posted the rant. He said he got the job 4 hrs after the introduction, and now he is posting from his office.
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    @disolved No

    He said that he was at the club 3am, met a guy and had the job 4 hours later. That makes 7am.
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    @Froot yes, according to the timeline he got the job 4 hours after 3am, so he got the job at 7am. We agree. But nowhere does it say he is at the office at 7am. He might have gotten the job without going to the office at all. He is saying he is posting this rant from his office. But the night at the club might have been several days before the rant was posted, for all we know.
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    @disolved Fair point.
    But how did he know he got the job at 7am? Were they still together? Were they still at the club? What club stays open till 7am? Did the other guy call him? Why'd he call him at 7am? Maybe they went back to his place? Hmmmm... I think they went back to his place... Could that have a connection with him getting a job?
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    I like how you guys are going all CSI on this shit
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    @Froot Timestamp on the job offer email?
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    The most important question has not yet been asked: What kind of drinks were consumed that night, and in what quantity and order? Someone needs to write a click-bait article to inform us all: "You'll Never Believe What Kind of Drinks This Guy Drank In Order To Get Hired At 3 AM By A Random Stranger!"
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